Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.

Our story is no different than a common man's quest for finding a dream home. A house that meet all the requirements will cost you a fortune and a house that comes in budget is never satisfactory.

Our story begins here:

Churning the vendetta into an opportunity to bring the change in the real estate sector and to end the meaningless inflation.

The directors of Springseas Infrastructure pvt ltd Raja Nesanoor and Lavanya Nesanoor joined forces with Rajagopal Velappanaidu and Dhanalakshmi Rajagopal to form Springseas BDK developers.

The experience of Nesanoors in modern residencies and commercial spaces combined with the 3 decade experience of the real estate and transport sector of Rajagopal and team to expand the wings in south India and to do exceptionally good in premium residencies.

The first projects in the collaboration of Springseas BDK Developers is to be/are launched in Bangalore and Chennai in August 2017. Get more details about our upcoming and ongoing projects in Projects page.

A bunch of coherently curious experienced and budding entrepreneurs sharing equal wavelengths of passion to build ideal living spaces. Each project unique and much more than the previous projects. While the experiences in life are laid as foundation and lessons thought by life are our main pillars giving strength to the Springseas Team.

Raja Nesanoor

An IT professional turned to a brilliant Artisan(Builder). A man of Integrity who is obsessed about his Profession in a very right way.

How did his ideas shape - up?

A transition from staying in suburbs of Andhra(India) to Condo's in Uptown in America. A transition that gave him an exposure to the diversified lifestyles ranging from simple to luxurious. His idea of a perfect house is a blend of equal amounts of simple, comfort and luxury with stints of tradition yet is modern. With every new project launched the innovative ides he implements and the finite quality checks to ensure the same are the secret of his/Springseas success.

His agenda is to make Springseas a brand preferred by everyone(commoner to millionaire)

His agenda is to break the myth that a luxurious lifestyle means an unaffordable lifestyle.

Lavanya Nesanoor

“Behind every successful man there is a women” or “He built a house and she made it a home”

As a Co-founder, Director & Mentor of Springseas Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd, Lavanya shape the systems, processes and quality standards of the residential projects of Springseas, creating benchmarks in procedural efficiencies that level with the corporate enterprise.

Her journey from being an IT professional to a doted and a supporting wife following the footprints of her husband (co-founder raja Nesanoor) yet a devoted parent gives her a much needed ideas for an ideal and toddler-friendly homes and to be a strong role player in Springseas.

An utmost care is taken in addressing the most common issues around the house with her perspective to design a hassle-free lifestyle.

Rajagopal Velappanaidu

"Experience is the best teacher"

His vast experience in Transport sector and Real estate sector has added a feather in the cap of Springseas.. In his 30 years of career he has seen the transformation of traditional houses to apartments and villa habitats.

He believes in the principle " Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled". Hence he has guided many third party service providers including his family members in Transport and Real estate sectors. His judgment in acquiring the raw materials or fittings from whom, where and when gives us accuracy and his guidance helps us achieve the target of Springseas to make luxurious home at affordable prices.

Dhanalakshmi Rajagopal

To leave no stone unturned Springseas have roped in yet another director Dhanalakshmi Rajagopal. Her previous experience as a lead in a veteran construction group aids a lot in her planning and execution of projects at Springseas. She adds the essence of life into the Springseas homes. A perfect woman finding balance at home and at work. A successful woman entrepreneur of Real estate from past 3 decades alongside another successful Realtor(her husband) Rajagopal Velappanaidu.


  • To bring a smile of content on our Customers face
  • To be a landmark in the sector of construction and infrastructures
  • Perfection first, profits next
  • To Rock-on


  • To introduce fresh perspectives for trendy and unique homes with a strong focus on quality in planning and execution in construction and delivery
  • To enable services to all segments of society
  • To introduce Lean initiatives at every stage of to eliminate unnecessary costs that leads to sky-rocket prices of homes.

Depicting our core values is our logo mirroring Integrity, Quality and Value for money. With all the core values lined up Profit becomes secondary and the mark we want to leave on society becomes primary.


If there is anything we are not compromising , it's the quality. Be it the fittings, paints, flooring or the raw material, a Quality is assured - Its a promise. If you find a change in the quality to what we have promised, its only an upgrade and not otherwise.


Our transparency with you showcases our integrity - The information regarding the execution of the project to adhering to all the government standards is accurate .Providing a quality homes is one of our core principle henceforth Integrity at the standards become an automatic process.

Value for money

We value your money. Every hard earned penny of yours will be accounted for and ensured in the units of quality of homes delivered to you. Every day of life in Springseas you have a best feeling at heart that you have invested it in a right place and it is all worthy.

" A perfect Nest For you, By us, Of an innovative lifestyle "


We would like to step into your shoes and think like you do for your home .If you think we have not done enough thinking then give us a thought and we promise to re-think.


You name it and we will do it. You will get what you want for your abode the way you want it.


Along with the passion for building perfect homes we strive to be passionate to read the minds of our customers. To do things before they ask us to do and well in advance.

  • Your dream house is our responsibility
  • A smooth transition of paper work, khata, interiors etc etc to possession
  • Perfection at every stage of construction
  • To deliver what belongs to you on the said day and date
  • To update the customer on the current status of the project